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  Thanks To Register With Us: (6 Easy Steps)
Step # 1 : Please go to  "make payments" & Click on " Create Transaction" and then  Click on next button
Step # 2 : If your are sending money into beneficiary's bank account then change "payment method"  to "Bank" otherwise Select your desire "country/company" and then "station" (City where you need to send money) and fill rest of the form amount etc...
Step # 3 : Click on next button and fill Beneficiary details and click on next and then finish.
Step # 4 :  If you need to print invoice then click on "print preview" otherwise click on my "payment list". 
Step # 5 : If you are paying us from your bank account and amount is less then 650 then we will process your payment soon we will received payment clear in our bank account. But If Your sending amount is more then 650 or you are paying cash to us in that case we will process your payment but beneficiary cannot received until we will have your valid ID.
Step # 6 :


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